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If you can't move to Los Angeles to attend a culinary school, there are choices in most big cities.

There are several websites that can help you find a local school. And you can even take some classes online. Start your search here.

Cities the size of Minneapolis and Seattle typically have two or three good schools you can choose from. Larger cities, like Chicago and Philadelphia, will often have one world-class school along with the other good schools. You can look into schools in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and outside of northern Chicago closer to Milwaukee.

Not every student who tries culinary school likes it. Some drop out and try another field. If this happens to you, one of the fields that many students seem to like is graphic design. Graphic designers work with business and organizations in designing and producing logos, product packaging, advertising and marketing materials. Art students can be solid contenders for becoming graphic design professionals.

While graphic design majors aren't offered at every college, many of the universities and schools in California do offer design majors. You can check out schools in LA or elsewhere in California.

If you don't find a local university or a convenient college in your area, design is one field that can be learning via online classes. Many colleges are offering design courses online, and some are even offering bachelor's degree completely through online coursework. Online Design Classes is a website that discusses this further.

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Cooking schools in Los Angeles and also some alternative major training options are now available.
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