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Besides the culinary colleges in the Los Angeles area, there are other schools scattered across the state, most in the larger cities. The San Francisco Bay Area has the best concentration of schools outside of LA. And you don't have to enroll at one of the exclusive, expensive schools in order to train to become a chef. Most of the schools that you will find listed at a site such as www.CulinarySchoolsOnline.com are good schools where you can get your initial training and secure an apprenticeship at a local restaurant.

If you're interested in getting out of Los Angeles before starting school, you could certainly try San Francisco or start heading east. Houston, Dallas and Austin have culinary schools you can look into -- research Houston Dallas and Austin schools.

Or you could consider a variety of other states. Wisconsin, for example, has a few cooking schools located in the bigger cities of Madison and Milwaukee. You will still learn what you need to learn and get started at one of the local restaurants. One of the great things about being a chef is that you have the ability to relocate whenever you want. Good chefs are needed everywhere.

Animation carers are developed in Los Angeles, more than any other city in the country. While some of the most famous schools are in LA, the rest of California also offers some good opportunities.
Culinary schools in Los Angeles and also a handful of similar quality education choices are available today.
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